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Rotation speed monitors / Motion controls / Frequency to current converter

Frequency or rotational speed monitors are used to monitor or measure rotations, stroke or oscillating motion.
TURCK devices are additionally suited to measure frequencies of electronic outputs.
Complying with this complex field of application, TURCK offers a choice of following devices:
  • Frequency and rotational speed monitors – conversion of the measuring value into an analogue signal
  • Frequency and rotational speed monitors – overspeed and/or underspeed monitoring
  • Combined devices – frequency/rotational speed monitors with analogue output
  • Direction discriminators – detection of the direction of rotation
  • Slip monitors – monitoring of two shafts for synchronous operation
Measuring principle
TURCK’s frequency and rotational speed monitors mostly operate on the pulse period measurement principle.
The time between two subsequent input pulses is measured.
Thus fast reaction times can be achieved.

Pulse sensing
Sensors according to EN 60947-5-6 (NAMUR) and 3-wire sensors are suited to sensing physical motion.
TURCK devices are also suited to monitor electronic outputs, e.g. of flow meters.
For frequency monitoring, passive electronic and isolated open collector circuits or active 24 VDC signals may be connected.
Further information, including mounting guidelines for our inductive sensor range, is contained in our sensor catalogue or in our interface catalogue.
Description Type Ident n°
rotational speed monitor 1-channel IM21-14-CDTRI 7505650
rotational speed monitor 1-channel, IBExU 07 ATEX 1132 IM21-14EX-CDTRI 7505651
rotation speed monitor with frequency-current conversion 1-channel MS22-RI 0508010
Rotation direction discriminator 1-channel MS23-R 0508112
rotational speed monitor 1-channel MS24-112-R 0518003
rotational speed monitor 1-channel MS24-R 0519009
rotational speed meter 1-channel MS25-UI 0508220
zero speed monitor 1-channel MS27-R 0508412

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